Data Analyst – Technical Specialist

/Data Analyst – Technical Specialist
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  • Missoula MT
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Job Number: USFS-2018-001

PRIMARY LOCATION: Missoula Montana


The Scientific Data Analyst will apply, computer programming and database support, and computer science (with emphasis on mobile technology) in providing day-to-day support to the Northern Region Geospatial Services Group and Vegetation Analysis Team and other Forest Service personnel.  Personnel may need to flex their work schedule in order to maximize field data collection in remote locations, not to exceed 12 hours in one day and 10 days in one trip.  Virtual/remote support may be allowed if authorized in writing by the Contracting Officer.


  • Perform scientific and technical evaluation, correlation, synthesis, interpretation, and presentation of important data in the complex fields of geospatial and statistical analysis.
  • Provide consultation and make recommendations regarding technical analytical processes consistent with best available science.
  • Provide scripting and programming services using USFS corporate software to support process automation.
  • Provide on-going technical support to field users of geospatial and other analysis applications.
  • Write reports and review analysis summaries to support technology transfer applications.
  • Develop and conduct training modules in the use of USFS corporate (Regional & National) natural resource applications.
  • Collection and distribution of remotely sensed image data.


  • GIS, remote sensing, and analysis techniques used with spatial and tabular databases.
  • Image processing software, such as ESRI, QGIS, ERDAS, and Google Earth Engine;
  • Experience in machine learning, data science, and other scientific data analysis techniques

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: BS, Trade or Specialty training relevant to this position


  • US Citizenship is required.
  • Must pass a drug test.
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