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Job Number: 2018-136

LOCATION: Patrick Air Force Base, FL, USA


The Systems/Technical Analyst (TSA) shall provide Geophysical Engineering Support to the International Monitory System (IMS) mission that employs unattended ground systems that include seismic, hydro-acoustic, and infrasonic sensing systems and supporting infrastructure. The TSA will provide engineering support services to IMS requirements, US Political and Military advisory support, and IMS reporting and documentation support.


  • Provide systems engineering support for the siting, installation, upgrade, operation and maintenance of new and existing monitoring stations necessary for US compliance with IMS requirements.
  • Support preparation of documentation required for siting, installation, upgrade, operation and maintenance of new and existing seismic, hydro-acoustic, and infrasonic sensor systems and their support infrastructure.
  • Engage in fact-finding, and assimilate data assisting the government with other government agencies to support AFTAC/TT with political and military advisory services.
  • Support Joint Scientific Commission meetings and Technical Interchange Meetings with host nationals and other US academic, contractor, and government institutions.
  • Engage in fact-finding, and assimilate data for assisting the government in preparing and negotiating bilateral agreements between AFTAC and other US organizations, as tasked by the government.
  • Review and provide recommendations to the government for revision of current bilateral agreements as required.
  • Oversee and assist the government with reporting requirements for all IMS stations, to include joint USAEDS/IMS stations and other IMS stations of interest to AFTAC/TT.
  • Monitor station performance (daily) and ensure reports are completed, reconcile field inventories for IMS field reportable equipment, and ensure notifications are coordinated prior to and after completion of actions for proposed field (maintenance) activities.
  • Prepare technical reports including; Summary Annual Reports, outage requests, Configuration Change Requests, Configuration Change Notices, and monthly reports.
  • Attend meeting at the direction of the government, reporting findings, progress, and recommending corrective actions to senior executives.


Bachelors or Masters of Science, with a major in Engineering, Technical Operations, International Affairs, Information Technology, or other relevant major.


  • Minimum of 10 years of relevant experience performing tasks similar to those above.
  • General experience using Microsoft Office products including Excel, Power Point, and Word.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills necessary to communicate with executives.
  • Experience work within a government Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF).
  • Experience deriving and marking classified documents according to the National Industrial Security Program (NISPOM) and security classification guides.


  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.


  • US Citizenship required.
  • The government requires employees to have a fully adjudicated (not an interim) Top Secret clearance with SCI eligibility.
  • Must pass drug test.
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