Kegman was awarded a 4-year, follow-on contract with the United Launch Alliance to continue our support to Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of Delta IV and Atlas launch support systems on Space Launch Complexes 37 & 41.  Our responsibilities include:

  • Infrared Video System, Timing System, High Speed Video Camera System (HSVCS), Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV), Telemetry & Data Multiplex and Transport System, Communications Local Area Network (LAN), Public Address / Aural Warning (PA/AW), Telephone/PBX, Land Mobile Radio (LMR).
  • Stand-alone Voice Communications Systems (Elevated Platform Transporter (EPT) Voice Communication System), Digital Voice Communications Systems.
  • Spacecraft MST ReRad System, Audio/Video Equipment, Pad Status Lights and Facility Monitoring Systems, Configuration Management.
  • Structured IT Infrastructure – Inside/Outside Cable Plants, Copper and Fiber.