Kegman was awarded their third prime contract — Department of Labor, Mine Safety and Health Administration (DOL/MSHA) to modernize their Analog Through-The-Earth communications (Seismic), Trapped Miner Locating System.  Our efforts included:

  • Developed, designed and delivered a digital (IP based) seismic, through-the-earth communications system used to located trapped coal miners.
  • Reduced system foot-print from four 19″ racks of analog seismic conditioning and processing equipment to one 1U rack component and a server.
  • Reduced system deployment time from days to hours.
  • Enhanced data reliability and availability by replacing analog radios with digital radios and digital acquisition at the sensor for storage and post-analysis of raw seismic data.

In the end, we designed, engineered, and delivered a complete stand-alone digital system we appropriately named Seismic Search, Acquire, and Validate Equipment, or SSAVE!