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Program Management Approach

Kegman applies its ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to continual improve the services we provide.  We apply the tenants of the Project Management Institute, Project Management Body of Knowledge to frame our business practices and projects we manage for the U.S. Government.  

Initiation – What we do… Identify project requirements and stakeholder expectations,

Planning – How we do it… Through Management Planning: costs, budget, schedule, scope, resources, communications, procurements, and risk management. 

Execution – Doing what we say we will do… By assigning the right talent, managing expectations, performance, communications, and risk/risk mitigation and delivering on our promise. 

Monitoring and Control – Perform and Improve… Control and monitor cost, scope (change), quality, and production (schedule). 

Closing – Work completed… Finalize and closeout the project.

Industrial Security Program

We hold a Facility Security Clearance with cleared and ready staff to support our Nation’s Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Programs. The key to our success is all about surrounding ourselves with quality, skilled, and experienced partners, pulling together in the same direction, all working towards common goals and objectives. We understand that no one company can address every scientific and technical requirement, so we establish partnerships with other companies and academic institutions to bring the right talent and resources to bear on a solution.