Kegman Services

Developing Integrated Solutions

Your greatest challenge is our opportunity to impress!
Scientist, Engineers, Signal Analyst, and Technical Experts
working in concert to bring innovative solutions.

Seismic Search Acquire & Validate Equipment


Through the Earth Communications System!
Aimed to aid emergency rescue operations.

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Mission Focused Analytics

100% Fully Responsive

Asset Manager

Resource Optimizer

Program Controller

Improves Resource Planning

Controls Scope Creep

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Technology that Inspires

Our Mission

Service that Exceeds

From Sensor to Analyst ... and All Things In Between

Advisory & Assistance Services (A&AS)

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)

US Atomic Energy Detection System

US National Data Center

National Technical Nuclear Forensics

Delta and Atlas Launch Support

Mission Support Services

Electro-optic & Infrared


Hydro Acoustic

Seismic & Infrasound

Sensor Systems Integration

Systems Engineering

Information Security

Information Technology

Integrated Logistic Support

Configuration Management

Engineering and Installation

Operations and Maintenance

Signals Analysis

Prototype & Test

Design & Fabricate

Algorithm Design

Advanced Software Programming

Applied Geosciences

Research and Development