Expedite your acquisition-consider sole sourcing requirements to Kegman

On December 14, 2014, President Obama signed into law the FY2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  Section 825 of the House Amendment S.1847 to the Act gives federal contracting officers more options for contracting actions by giving them authority for Sole Source Contracts to Economically Disadvantaged Small Business concerns Owned and Controlled by Woman—the Small Business Act 8(m) program—and in particular, Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Businesses (EDWOSB) such as Kegman Inc.  This law is now implement in FAR Clause 19.1506, Women-Owned Small Business Program sole source awards

Download the 2015 NDAA WOSB Fact Sheet

Kegman’s Service Areas

We hold a Facility Security Clearance with cleared and ready staff to support our Nation’s Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Programs. The key to our success is all about surrounding ourselves with quality, skilled, and experienced partners, pulling together in the same direction, all working towards common goals and objectives. We understand that no one company can address every scientific and technical requirement, so we establish partnerships with other companies and academic institutions to bring the right talent and resources to bear on a solution.

Program Management

Program Management

We apply the tenants of the Project Management Institute, Project Management Body of Knowledge to frame our projects. We seek Program Managers that are PMI certified.

Advisory & Assistance

Advisory & Assistance

We have decades of experience providing Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance or Advisory and Assistance Services to develop solutions for our government clients.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Our science, engineering, and technical experts have world-wide experience performing Research and Development. We apply current technology to enhance ongoing systems development.

Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance

Our expert engineers and technicians can operate and maintain the most complex systems. Kegman is experienced maintaining and operating sensor systems on ground based and littoral platforms.

Engineering & Installation

Engineering & Installation

Let us share our decades of practical experience engineering and integrating systems to meet your operational mission needs. We know how to integrate sensor systems to your infrastructure.

Integrated Logistics Support

Integrated Logistics Support

We align ourselves as true partners with our clients, working together to develop and implement strategies that lower costs while enhancing system reliability and availability.

Kegman’s Services in Detail

Initiation — What we do… Identify Project requirements and Stakeholder expectations.

Planning — How we do it… Through Management Planning: Cost, budget, schedule, scope, human resources, communications, procurements, quality, and risk.

Executing — Doing what we say we will do… By assigning the right talent, managing expectations, performance, communications, and risk/risk mitigation and delivering on our promises.

Monitoring and Control — Perform and Improve… Control and monitor cost, scope (change), quality, and production (schedule).

Closing — Work completed… Finalize and closeout the project.

What we manage
Integration       Human Resources
Scope                Communications
Time                  Risk
Cost                    Procurements

Kegman developed SharePoint site is used to manage most projects
We offer our clients ready and secure access to the SharePoint site we use for managing our project. Compartmentalizing information according to the elements of the PMBOK enhances customer awareness of project status and allows timely retrieval of the products we produce.



Providing expert support services

Financial Program Analysis and Performance Measurement

  • DoD planning, programming and budgeting system (PPBS) and the intelligence community (IC) capabilities programming and budgeting system (CPBS).

Manpower, Personnel and Training Analysis

  • Military and civilian manpower, personnel and training systems and processes. Analyze, report and make recommendations on Government manpower status relative to changing mission, roles, responsibilities, and personnel strength.

Technical Operations Analysis

  • Represent the Defense Intelligence Agency Directorate for Science and Technology at U.S. Special Operations Command. Reports to the Chief, J31 Joint Reconnaissance Branch as a SETA contractor.

Meteorology  2013

  • Assisted the NASA/KSC Weather Office in the Research of a new doppler radar system to measure upper-level wind characteristics to support launch safety.
  • Comprised system specification and design requirements.

Seismology  2012

  • MSHA – seismic techniques used for through-the-earth communications with trapped coal miners, an analog systems comprised of geophones, analog radio data telemetry, signal pre-amplifiers, cavity filters, notch filter and a chart recorder.
  • Evaluated current technologies (instrumentation, digitizers, data telemetry, and data processing and recording) available to enhance system mobilization, data quality, and post-processing analysis.
  • Developed, tested and delivered a new digital through-the-earth communications system comprised of COTS equipment, reducing system footprint from three 19″ racks full of signal processing equipment to a single 2U rack element and a standard desk-top server. Reduced deployment time from days to hours.

Electromagnetics  2006

  • Advanced Electromagnetic System research and development.
  • Test and evaluation of emerging technology at various US Test Ranges.

We are experienced working with a wide-variety of sensors including:






Radio Frequency

We can adapt sensors to your platform:

Fix-Wing or UAV

Unattended Ground Systems

Integrating Infrastructure to meet challenging topologies and climates:

Data Telemetry-Urban/Rural

Copper/Fiber-Inside/Outside Plant

Spread Spectrum, Microwave, Satellite

Stable, Reliable, Deployable Power

Solar, Wind, Thermoelectric

Meteorological (Weather) Systems

Engineers and technicians maintaining a 50 MHz Phased-Array Doppler Radar Wind Profiler, Lightning Detection and Ranging, Lightning Mapping, and Mesonet systems.

Seismic Research Station Systems

Experienced performing O&M of sensitive Seismic Data Collection, Processing, and Analysis Systems including sustainment of a wide variety of supporting infrastructure systems (Data Telemetry, Power, and Grounding).

Ground Processing Systems

Maintaining Space Launch support systems including High Resolution/High Speed Video, CCTV, Public Alarm and Warning, Network Support Infrastructure (copper/fiber).

Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RMA)

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Design and Systems Integration

Technical Data Packages

Maintenance Planning

Configuration Management

Data Management



Kegman has a Facility Security Clearance supported by policies and procedures that comply with the NISPOM.  Our core staff possesses significant experience working in classified areas, trained in core security programs.  We can bring IA and cyber-security expertise to meet regulatory requirements.

What Client’s Say

Curiosity’s mission is to get Mars to give up its secrets. But we can’t get to Mars without companies like Kegman who contribute technology, innovation, component parts, and know-how to the project.

Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator

Please allow me a moment of your time to tell you what an extreme pleasure it has been these past several months to work with your technicians on the ULA Delta IV program.

As my last assignment for ULA, before an early retirement, I was asked to design and, with the help of Chad Blank and Carlos Calix, install a new HDTV capable CATV system within the Delta IV DOC; a system covering office spaces on seven floors and all three control centers within the building.  This new CATV system in the DOC is now 95% complete with only minor cleanup work left to do.  And it has been performance demonstrated to show that it exceeds all expectations, thanks in no small part to the quality work of Chad and Carlos, who, may I add, are two of the nicest and most pleasant individuals it has been my pleasure to work with. 

Please also allow me to thank Jason Doudna for his skill in creating and maintaining the drawings required for this effort.  The quality of his work and his positive attitude serve him well.

Again, my thanks to you for their superior support in making this project a total success.

D. Craig Hawkins, United Launch Alliance
It has been a pleasure to work with Kegman on the installation project performed at Complex 37 on CCAFS. You have provided highly trained and experienced personnel who have performed the work in a professional manner.  Because of their efforts, schedules have been met, and work performed efficiently and with quality.

I look forward to working together on future projects and am happy to recommend Kegman to anyone who wants quality electronic equipment installation/maintenance services.

Elton Hammers, Quintron Systems
Command Technologies, Inc. (CTI) has twice employed the services of Kegman to install high-speed video, voice, and data collection components at two space launch complexes on Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS).  On both occasions they responded to our installation requirements by providing prompt and reliable services in a highly professional manner.  CTI expects to be engaged in similar installation activities over the coming months at both Kennedy Space Center and CCAFS.  I fully expect to again use Kegman’s services as we satisfy the requirements of these contracts.

James Conroy, Command Technologies
“Over the course of four months, Mr. Abt designed and integrated a one-of-a-kind wireless ad-hoc mesh communication network integrating four independent communications technologies. This was the first time these disparate technologies have been integrated. The technologies consisted of acoustic communication modems, six Wave Relay RF nodes (integrated into UAV, USV, and AUV), and two SATCOM networks all secured with 256K NSA suite B encryption.”
Matthew Brown, Contracting Officer, Virginia Contracting Activity