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We can support your systems throughout their life-cycle

Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RMA)

The foundation of our systems engineering design begins with the client’s concept of operations; ensuring quality data is available to perform their mission. From sensor to analyst and all things in between, our holistic approach integrates reliability, maintainability, and availability concepts into our system design to provide early determination of feasibility and risk.

  • Interject quantitative and qualitative requirements
  • Conduct trade-off analysis to support design alternative evaluations
  • Apply disciplines to address system failures, operational readiness, maintenance requirements and opportunities for system improvement

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

We apply fundamental economics and cost/benefit analysis in preparing alternatives; considering the impact of both pending and future costs, data reliability and availability requirements. We compare initial investment options and identify the least costly alternatives that satisfy mission requirements over the planned system life cycle.

  • Identify high maintenance cost components
  • Determine costs associated with maintenance practices and labor
  • Minimize time intensive processes
  • Optimize modern technology insertion

Design and Systems Integration

Kegman engineers are experienced developing systems to operate in demanding climates and topologies, from the jungles of Thailand to the Gobi Desert, in urban and rural mountainous areas. Applying today’s technologies to overcome challenging 3rd world conditions.

  • Specifications
  • Physical Attributes
  • Integrated System Testing

Technical Data Packages

Our thorough and complete technical documentation assures safe, effective, and efficient system maintenance; directly supports obsolescent management and technology insertion.

  • Technical Manuals
  • Drawing, Specification, Interface Control Documentation
  • Software & Firmware Documentation

Maintenance Planning

Our specialists bring decades of practical experience planning, scheduling, and executing maintenance plans. We prepare for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance requirements, applying mission restoral priorities, preventive maintenance scheduling, and ensuring 100% task coverage and readiness.

  • Integrated Maintenance & Performance Systems
  • Maintenance Plans, Schedules, and Procedures
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance Techniques
  • Maintenance Standards & Work Packages
  • Maintenance Analysis Automation

Configuration Management

We apply configuration controls to all launch support systems we maintain for NASA and the United Launch Alliance. Developing baseline (as- built) documentation and implementing client configuration management processes to manage change.

  • Hardware/Software Change Control
  • Technical Documentation Package CM
  • Engineering Change Order Processing
  • Baseline/As-Built documentation
  • Change process management

Data Management

Managing data with knowledgeable database managers experienced with relational database management systems including SQL and Oracle. From data entry, coding, design, validation, and security, Kegman can deliver enterprise solutions that meet client needs and expectations.

  • Maintenance Data Collection
  • Equipment Data Collection
  • Station Demographics
  • Data Audits & Validation
  • Universal Identification
  • DBMS Management


Ensuring team member safety and health while preserving our environment requires thorough planning and compliance with regulatory requirements. Kegman can bring safety expertise to create safety plans, procedures, methods, and tools that comply with safety requirements.

  • Hazard Evaluation and Risk Mitigation
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Blood Borne Pathogens
  • Safety Practices and Policy Integration


Kegman has a Facility Security Clearance supported by policies and procedures that comply with the NISPOM. Our core staff possesses significant experience working in classified areas, trained in core security programs. We can bring information assurance and cyber-security expertise to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Information Security
  • Personal Security Integration
  • Information Operations
  • Network Security
  • Cyber Security