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Kegman has supported R&D in many capacities and technical areas.  From seismic systems development for MSHA to specialized airborne sensor systems for AFTAC, we have played an integral role in systems research and development.  Our experience has also taught us that no one company can address every scientific and technical requirement, so we have established partnerships with other companies and academic institutions to bring the right talent and resources to bear on a solution.


  • Assisted the NASA/KSC Weather Office in the Research of a new Doppler radar system to measure upper-level wind characteristics to support launch safety.
  • Comprised system specification and design requirements.


  • MSHA seismic techniques used for through-the-earth communications with trapped coal miners, an analog system comprised of geophones, analog radio data telemetry, signal pre-amplifiers, cavity filters, notch filter and a chart recorder.
  • Evaluated current technologies (instrumentation, digitizers, data telemetry, and data processing and recording) available to enhance system mobilization, data quality, and post-processing analysis.
  • Developed, tested and delivered a new digital through-the-earth communications system comprised of COTS equipment, reducing system footprint from three 19″ racks full of signal processing equipment to a single 2U rack element and a standard desk-top server.  Reduced deployment time from days to hours.


  • Advanced Electromagnetic System research and development.
  • Test and evaluation of emerging technology at various US Test Ranges.