Susie Glasgow
Susie GlasgowPresident/CEO
Susie is the founder, president, and executive leader of Kegman Inc. She brings over 14 years of business experience leading the company’s growth.
Ron Prudhomme
Ron PrudhommeChief Operating Officer
Ron joined Kegman in August 2011 as its first Chief Operating Officer, and brings his executive experience leading a large corporate enterprise. He is creating the framework and business tools to support Kegman’s continued growth.
Steve Kelnhofer
Steve KelnhoferDirector of Operations
Steven “K9” Kelnhofer joined Kegman in March 2011, assisting Susie in taking the company to full-time operations and establishing our Government Services line of business. As Director of Operations, K9 manages all day-to-day contract performance.
Karl GlasgowVice President
Karl joined his wife, Susie, in starting Kegman’s security and alarm monitoring services in 1999. He provides engineering and technical advice to the company in the area of security and surveillance systems.
Lisa ShoemakerTechnical Programs
Lisa joined Kegman in September 2014 to support business operations. As the Technical Operations Manager, Lisa leads the corporate Quality Management program and augments the Industrial Security Program.
Ed LindsayBusiness Support
Ed joined Kegman in February 2018 to support business operations. As the Business Support Specialist, Ed leads the corporate Cyber Security program and supports Business Development.
Wanda TrotterExecutive Support
Wanda joined Kegman in February 2018 to support the executive staff. She provides overall office management, supports corporate invoicing and payroll, and leads corporate Human Resource management.

2018 Presidents Award Recipient

Marina Capuana
Marina CapuanaSr. Software Programmer
Marina was selected by Susie Glasgow, Kegman President/CEO, as her 2018 President’s Award recipient. This award was presented during Kegman’s annual Holiday Social, 21 Dec 18.

2017 Presidents Award Recipient

Mike Fisher
Mike FisherHydroacoustics Tech Analyst
Mike Fisher led the successful design and installation of system upgrades to AFTAC’s hydroacoustic stations. These systems are critical to helping AFTAC verify compliance with the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.

2016 Presidents Award Recipient

Hue Tart
Hue TartLogistician
As the lead logistician for the demanding, high-pace Rapid Prototype Branch, Hue has been dedicated and tireless in his successful support of the full spectrum of the Government customer’s logistics requirements.

2015 Presidents Award Recipient

Eric Abt
Eric AbtMaritime Electronics Technician
Eric was recognized as a contributor to Project Lamprey during the presentation of the DIA Director’s Annual Agency Team Award recently presented by DIA Director, Lt. Gen. Vincent R. Stewart.

2014 Presidents Award Recipient

Tim Madsen
Tim MadsenCommunications Technician
Tim was instrumental in the successful implementation of the DELTA IV and current ongoing ATLAS V Phone VoIP installation effort. His work has provided a HUGE benefit in assisting ULA’s IT department stay on schedule.

2013 Presidents Award Recipient

Bill Gober
Bill GoberSr. RF Engineer
Bill vast experience sustaining NASA’s 50 MHz Doppler Radar Wind Profiler identified software improvements that improve launch safety. He lead his team in the development of requirements for a replacement radar system.

Kegman Stars

Hue’s contribution is measurable, significant, and outstanding against any standard and his value to this Agency element is utterly necessary and as previously stated, critical to mission success , and deserving of this recognition.  Mr. Tart’s dedication, ingenuity and hard work are appreciated and valued by the Directorate for Science & Technology Florida Office Leadership and the Virginia Contracting Activity.

Nicholas A. Bachman, Contracting Officer

Hue Tart, Logistician

Eric is one of the…in-the-background senior technical experts whose vast technical knowledge, inquisitive nature, and unbridled problem solving skills.  He has developed and implemented, from scratch, a number of custom technical solutions that have solved serious technical roadblocks in real time!  Mr. Abt’s dedication, ingenuity and hard work are appreciated and valued by the Directorate for Science & Technology Florida Office leadership and the Virginia Contracting Activity.

Nicholas A. Bachman, Contracting Officer

Eric Abt, Scientific Engineering Technician

Rob successfully lead a contract team in the development and execution of baseline project schedules for the USAEDS geophysical field segment providing AFTAC/TT with their first ever fully loaded, executable project schedules. His exceptional leadership drove process changes across TT divisions and AFTAC directorates. His team’s analytic planning activities were critical in helping understand resource constraints, mitigate schedule risk, and evaluate project performance.

Rob also coordinated the construction of an integrated master schedule, and he implemented project performance metrics for the first time ever in AFTAC/TT. These metrics required the coordination and collection of inputs from nearly 30 government and contract team members across multiple projects. Finally, he led his team in the development of a macro and weekly status sheets to support leadership prioritized work and track resource allocations.

“The work Rob and his team has performed is a major milestone as we move forward. I’ve been in the building for 30 years and maybe this is the approach that will modernize how we do business.” — Dave Merker, SES, Director Nuclear Treaty Monitoring, AFTAC/TT

Rob Martin, Geophysical Acquisition Manager